6/01/2017 UPDATE:

Now for the facts in the case:

Before getting into the intricate details of the Fraud perpetrated against MX Properties, Inc and its officials, we must note a series of threats issued by a "gentleman" that MX Properties does not recognize. At this time, we cannot release his name because he was never named in any of the correspondence issued by Lisbon Portugal Lawyer Carmen De Souza. On 05/01/2017, MX received one of many emails from this individual threatening MX Properties for making public the Fraud in the Inducement perpetrated against MX Properties. In his last email, this man threatened MX officials criminally which is completely absurd. MX Properties NEVER did anything wrong and did EXACTLY what it was instructed to do in Carmen De Souza's demand / inducement letter by wiring the $11000 to coordinates provided by her. Again, we have no idea who this man is and can only surmise that he is some how connected to Carmen De Souza in some regard. To our company, this fraud committed against MX Properties is clear Fraud in the Inducement and could possibly constitute racketeering. None of us in this transaction needs these types of threats leveled from a man that MX does not even recognize. This "gentleman" needs to clearly realize that he is only making matters much worse by his actions and is driving MX Properties to begin making criminal complaints against all of those involved in the fraud scheme.

On 16/11/2016, officials at MX Properties, Inc had a conversation with its consultant Mr John S Diak regarding the release of its long awaited funds that Mr Diak had been pursuing for over 16 months. During this conversation, Mr Diak was confident that MX Properties' funds would be released very soon. Yet, there was one condition. This condition was that MX Properties pay an additional $11000 to cover "fees" relating to the transaction. At first this demand / request was difficult for MX to contemplate. Throughout the year MX Properties and its affiliates had provided Mr Diak with over $1mm in funds for securing trade various instrument without success. MX asked John S Diak that this request be officially documented so that it could feel confident that the transaction would finally be completed. So on 16/11/2016, MX received a letter from attorney Carmen De Souza to Mr Diak that CLEARLY stated that upon receipt of the $11000 for "fees", MX Properties, Inc would "IMMEDIATELY" have its funds released.  MX Properties very promptly complied with attorney De Souza's demand / inducement letter and wired the $11000 to coordinates that she provided.
Carmen De Souza then followed her 16/11 letter with another letter (after MX Properties, Inc wired the "demand" funds for "fees") clearly stating "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing payments".  At this point, MX Properties was even more confident that its funds would be released "immediately"  seeing that an attorney and "officer of the court" had carefully composed these letters. Several days went by and MX Properties received absolutely nothing ... not even a status update from Ms De Souza.

MX then began a vigorous six week campaign of daily emails to attorney Carmen De Souza in an attempt to ascertain where the status of it funds. Unfortunately, Ms De Souza decided not to return any of our email correspondence so this disaster continues to grow and fester.
All we kindly request is that the transaction be funded and closed as per Carmen De Souza's inducement letters.

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